One purpose of the Communications Team is to inform the public of the unique, inclusive ministry, services, and opportunities offered by STMTC. This "marketing" function includes newspaper ads and articles, up-to the minute website information, directories, media and events programs.

A second purpose of the Communications Team is to inform those already involved in STMTC of its current activities. Much of this function is performed by the communications team staff is done through the e-mail, websites, Tele-conference calls, automated voice broadcast, and the upcoming Church Pictorial Directory. The Communications Team is primarily responsible for maintaining the website and promoting use of email lists and other Voice/ Internet capabilities.


Our Church essentially has a powerful real time website to communicate and design specifically to support the Christian mission directives found in Scripture: Evangelism, Discipleship, Christ-Centered Community, and Equipping and Mobilizing people for ministry. We have A thru Z information about our STMTC church and best of all is the nutshell up to-the-minute real time updated information. If you find any errors, organization area updates, comments, suggestions to improve our website please e-mail the contact listed below.

Teleconferencing (T-meeting):

This broadband based telephone conference software gives our STMTC communication ministry a huge success right from the inception of our church. This time saving system has brought decision making in our church in an instantaneous, swift fashion. T-calls were very handy when an emergency decision had to be taken. Our Choir, Sunday school, Executive committee and other organizations have utilized this audio-conferencing system. This tool is going to be very effective for our project teams in our new building committee that was elected recently. If your area needs an effective, fast decision, and time saving meeting, regardless of the location

Voice Broadcasting Technology:

This new revolution in the voice broadcasting industry was utilized recently during the snowstorm to inform STMTC members about our emergency closing. This automated call was routed to all our homes which eliminated the need of calling all 90 plus members manually. With these unique and revolutionary web-based communications you can now deliver your live voice and voicemail broadcast messages in a short time.

To schedule a Voice Broadcasting or teleconference please e-mail at and website related suggestions at