Mission Statement

The Couples & Families Fellowship is a ministry catering to the special needs of couples and families of all ages who desire to live a biblically based lifestyle that honors God and allows parents to raise children in an environment that promotes faith formation.

Summary of Anticipated Events

  • Monthly Fellowship Meetings at members home (January to October only). The format to be used is the HomeBuilder Series by Family LifeĀ® - This series has been approved by the Diocese of North America and the European Union
  • Annual Retreat at church on an agreed upon topic of concern: For example - Communication in Marriages, Parenting Tips, Financial Planning, etc
  • Fund Raising Events such as bake sales to benefit the mission statement of the Couples and Family Fellowship
  • Participation in the National Young Families Fellowship conference
  • Formation of an anonymous prayer cell for use by all couples and families fellowship
  • Creating a online library of counseling resources on the church website
  • Assisting Sunday School and Youth Fellowship in events where Couples/Families Fellowship has mutual interests i.e. Vacation Bible School, Youth Fellowship Retreats, etc.

Upcoming Activities

  • Study meeting on June 27th @ 9:15 AM (Church Bible Study Area)
  • Bible Study Series: Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage
  • Click here to download/print study material.