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Texas USA A pioneer for Mar Thoma Websites and how it should be directed! I certainly found inspiration from it! May God continue to bless you guys <3

priya jacob USA very attractive

ROY C.THOMAS NEW YORK,USA Congratulation..This execellent job shows the unity and harmony amoung parishners and the role model leadership of Abraham Mathew Achen.keep it up...prayers

Rev. A. C. Kurian india Sorry to hear about the demise of Rev. K. A. Thomas . I have some memory about him before he left for USA. We thank God for his services . We pray for the various arrangements of the Funeral. Please convey our condolence and prayers to Achen's family members.

P.G. Thomas usa Fantastic website. Great job. May God belss you all.

binoy koshy india Very nice and good work...god bless all office bearers and belivers...

binu usa Great.

reshma samkutty india congrtulation for the modifing new website

samkutty usa no comments

Ipe George, B.Sc., B.D,. India Your website is nice and I hope the Lord God uses the church for the furtherance of his kingdom. Please go through my website and give me your comments.



Abraham thadathel USA Dear Shaji Achen and members of the St Thomas Mar Thoma church . Beautiful site.Best wishes

Sunny George USA Your website absolutly fanstastic. Greate job. May God bless you all. Sunny

Thomas India SHAJIACHEN #1.... :blush

T. Cherian USA Greetings from Mar Thoma Church, San Francisco!! Good Job with Purchasing and Modification of your new Church. Your hard work, dedication, and unity very well appreciated. God is richly blessed you with Good Vicar and people with excellent leadership qualities. This new and young church is setting up standards. May the Lord God richly bless you!!! T. Cherian

Johnson K. Mathai Chicago, IL Beautiful website. Pray that God will help you to finish the construction and dedicate the Church soon.

Jim India Very good looking website...rumbaa good.. Fantastic, elastic and plastic.....:) Quote from Usha Othuppu.. "Ideal star singers.."

Joe USA Shajiachen is the best... God bless

Ashish Kurian Mathew Kuwait I was about to reg this domain name for our church..St:Thomas church,kuwait This Website is superb..

susan Nice website . Can you have some of your choir songs in here too.

P. Philip New Jersey God Bless your Work!!! I came in as a visitor couple of months ago and very impressed in your team work, progess and fellowship. I really doubt that any Marthoma churches in the continental US made this kind of significant progress in all aspects (in a short time) NJ

Cyril Varghese Cherian Ireland hi, My name is Cyril and i came to know about your website through my cousins Joel and Joan. You guys have done a meticulous work on your website,especially the idea of grouping photos under different events is absolutely fabulous.Continue doing the good job(!).One small sugestion for improvement...Try to upload short videoclips on your activities and forthcoming events of the parish.....Once again congrats....God Bless :{blink}

M T Thomas Fords, NJ Good Job with your church building Funraising Raffle. One of our parish member won first prize BMW. Hey we took more tha 60 tickets from you guys!!! Congrats on your huge success with the Project. It took us 6 yrs even to buy a property. Chicago MTC took 6 plus years and they did received support from parent church, Dallas took 7 plus years..and i think you did it in a year?? Gos Bless you

Sherin Thomas USA Good Job with gallery. Do you have a resident Photographer???

Ruth Ellerbe USA Welcome to the neighborhood! My name is Ruth Nitsono Ellerbe. I grew up in Malvern and my father came from Nagaland, India. He came to Christ through the American Baptist missionaries in the mid 40's. This month in my church (Vineyard community Church in Lionville) I have encouraged anyone interested in praying with me for Hindus using the Hindu prayer focus put out by Youth With a Mission. I am excited to see believers out of India worshipping in my hometown of many years! May God bless you!!! (heart)

Mrs. Susan Johnson Canada Congrtulations St. Thomas MTC members for having your own worship place within such a short time. Your hard work and dedication is awesome.I am very pleased to say that you have a beatiful church and facilities. Your website is also excellent. Great job! Best regards, Susan Johnson Sabha Council Member Diocese of North America & Europe

Toby Cherian Chicago You guys are awesome!! Congratulations!! and finally you have your own place of worship. It took us 6 years and support from our mother parish to accomplish something like this and ofcourse 130 members. You guys did this in a year time with just 80 families?? Praise God!!

Bob Taylor USA Praise God for His work in all the nations of the world !!!!

Mathai ommen Philly Zone Yup! I agree with JJ & was a terriffic passion week in St thomas. Congrats to you all!

John Abey Phil Outstanding Hosanna song sung by the beatiful choir. Hats off to the achen, leaders and coordinators for this excellent program. God Bless this church.

JJ NJ One thing I forgot..........and it was the outstanding chinese-filled sermon give by the speaker. His style of presentation with projector & powerpoint made it crystal clear. Hope my church will have that too..........

JJ New Jersey Choir: "It was GREAT! ... Your attention to details, tone, musicality and programming is admirable." The performance on 3/25 during my visit at St.Thomas was truly incredible! You gave us all the stuff we crave -- the shimmering pianos, strumming guitars, bass, the rich chords, the powerful unisons & harmony voices. Hope my church can have these multi-specialized instruments. Congrats to coordinators & members! Keep it up!!!!!

Rejiiiii US Excellent communication systems...........I heard about James uncles death through your church. Keep it up and it helps us all.. God Bless St Thomas!!!!

dr vijay usa good work , god bless you vijay

Biju K. Ninan Bahrain Good work I would like to congrtulate all those worked behind website. May God bless you all. Biju K. Ninan

MathewKunnil MaramonKerala,india Hi Members St.Thomas MTC of Delaware Valley. Nannayirikkunnu. Oru puthiya Palliye sambandhichu ithoru Vanvijayam Aannu. Rev.Dr.T.P.Abhraham -ntr Lekhanam oru Muthalkkoottu annu. Shaji Achanum Kuttarkkum Hrudhayam niranja aashamsakal. M.Kunnil

SHAJI KALLOOR New jersey U.S.A. Great effort. Nice site. Keep update. Merry christmas to all. Love Shaji kalloor & family New Jersey{clover}

Sam Texas, USA Your church is "LIVE" and well organized. Caroling is very interesting especially with the participation. We cannot imagine of having such diversity in the age group (three generations??) when we go out for caroling, seems like your church is setting up an excellent example. I guess it is time to redefine so called "identity crisis" or "coconut" or "confused" particularly in this global village concept age. I am noticing a very vibrant first generation immigrant community growing in many churches. Interestingly the generation gaps are also virtually none in their families. They can watch a movie together, can enjoy same level of jokes, party together and so forth.. Keep up the good work, God bless you. Good Website, congrats!!!

kunjumon othikkamannil UAE-Abudhabi all the best

Jacob Mathew Oslo, Norway Excellent Activities!!!! Gallery Superb!!! Congrats to people those who behind the site, especially those who upkeeping the gallery. Lot of work. Good Job!!!!

Phila MTC USA As usual the reputed MTC of greater Washington did an excellent exhibit of their talents. Closely to watch was your church with a glowing, inspiring boys & gals doing their best show. Your church with the classic mallu # was "THE BEST OF ALL SONGS". We as old good Phila boys see good potential for a greater achievement in the future St Thomas years to come. Best of luck for a bright and prosperous Sunday school year.

Roy-Kunnuthara Kuwait Praise God God is working thru the people in different countries. Well we must proud of Mar Thoma Church. Please maintin the heritage and cutlture of Mar Thoma Church . All the wishes from Q8

C.PHILIP THOMAS KUWAIT Just went through your website. Greetings from Kuwait and from the members of the Kuwait Marthoma Church. Went thru the gallerry and interesting to understand that such a lot of young people are standing for Christ, amidst all the odds of the modern day living. Very Good. God bless you all. C.P.Thomas P.O. Box 446 Safat Kuwait

Benny India Hey..while going through the websites i felt that our church (Jaipur parish) should also have their own website...but at the moment we have many other assignments to complete (parsonage) i think that at the moment we wont be in a position to set aside funds for it....would it be possible for anyone of you, to help in getting the website made...or if anyone can make the website for us...pls do revert back..God Bless....

Phila MTC_ Gals USA I would like to begin by commending you on your web site - it is truly one of the best that I have seen with packaged resouces. Apart from the fact that there is information in abundance- the Downloads, Calendar, Gallery section is brilliant & super impressive. I find it a treat to download on a daily basis the MIDI files.. the fact that I can download it straight on to my university computer is even better. My university automatically deletes the files after each day and hence, I download it every day. But my one request as my friends in Phila MTC requested before is to open other downloads so that we can use your resource in our church. Pls be kind enough to help your old parish. Thanks - A concerned youth Sue mol

Dennis USA Excellent fund raising activities guys!!! Is it really a "Mar Thoma" Church?? wow!! other mallu churches should see your novel ideas, guess u guys don't have "Paniyillatha Vazhakkalis" there. Seems like all activities well balanced, all the best for your outstanding church building project and fundraising activities, God Bless You

Dr. Thomas Mathew Virginia, USA I agree with Mr. John. This site is packed with information and well updated. Congrats for all the people working behind this. Gallery is well organized. Cannot believe your church is not even a year old!!!

John from St. Stephen's NJ Burgen field , NJ Greetings from St.Stephens Fords, NJ, I was amazed by viewing your picture gallery. Your Church definitely has an eye for a pictures. Pictures reflects 1000 words and defines how the church functions. May the good LORD richly bless your church abundantly. -John

Phila MTC PA Hey guys, Plz open the downloads to other churches. We like the resources on your web site. We used some and now its requesting password. Whom to contact to get downloads? Phila Uth..............

beatrice djebablia USA Beautiful website.May God continue too bless you.:)

Jiji Varghese Saudi Arabia A wonderful website with very useful resources and links. May our Almighty God help you to take this site to new heights.

Biju P Abraham Kuwait Congrats to the hands behind this Site.A superb site very neatly mantained & informative as well. May God Bless You All.

Jaffey Chacko Bristol, England Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ. Greetings to you all in His Precious name from Bristol. One of the very few websites of our Mar Thoma Church, that has been designed so well. It is a very user friendly site. Praise God and Blessings to your Church.

Sajin UK Greetings from the youths in Marthoma Church East Area in London.:)

Sam Australia An amazingly growing Mar Thoma Church. I am so impressed with your packed activities. Melbourne Mar Thoma Church,Australia

K. Mathew, St. Johns MTC 80-96 Cambridge Rd, Hounslow, Greetings from St. Johns MTC, UK

Ponnachen Delaware County,PA Dear Roy - Headmaster and coordinator of St Thomas: One of the best VBS program my children attended. The Senior's skit and vote of thanks were prolonged. Outdoors, indoors, decoration with themes looked marvellous. Everything- songs, stories, skits all were nice. Keep it up and God Bless your Sunday school.

J E Ipe Singapore At least the Lectionary seems more updated when compared to some.

Kids from Upper Darby Kids : outside church (Philade Can u pls do this VBS again this summer.... Dada & Mama were so happy. Please uncle call us all when u do the next VBS. I told all my friends about the change in my life. My friends will all come for the next VBS... whether u conduct this year or next year. My dada, mama very very happy on this. Tan Q for helping me receive Christ as Lord Savior through action songs, music,stories, lessons.

Prof Jacob George Mallappally India (Kerala, Mallappally) Today I saw your website. It’s excellent and exciting. May God Almighty bless you all and shower His grace and gifts upon you. Use the God given opportunity to serve the community in a more extensive manner in the wings of independence. Prof Jacob George Lay Trustee & Treasurer Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church

Mary Kuriakose India Nice informative website and mostly, I come to this page to get useful christian resources / information. Your church growth looks like technology growth. Best Wishes.

Alex Tharkolil India (Thiruvalla) An excellent website.May god bless you all who put the efforts behind this.

Renny I. John India Excellent website. It can be easily made out that you have put sincere efforts in building this site. I really liked the Download section. May God Almightly guide you in your future activities also.

Nishu U.A.E (Dubai) Excellent Work! May our Lord Almighty grant you heavenly fruits for your labor. God Bless.

Binu Varghese Dubai - U A E “Loving Greetings In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ” Good attempt… informative.. Al the best… With Prayers, Binu.

Mathen India May God give the leaders of the church guidance.

John Chandy New Delhi, India missed this link on my previous comments.

John Chandy India Anil Alexander is absolutely right. Please check this link for their names ie; 9 listed plus "His Grace the Most Rev Dr Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Metropolitan + which equals 10. I commend on the supersonic activities your church is doing. Thanks and God bless all of you in your respective missions.

Anil Alexander New Delhi, India Just a correction - there are 10 bishops in the Episcopal Synod, not nine (refer the "historical sketch section).And it is nice to see that you have sucha packed calendar, something we simply find quite difficult to do! God bless!

Youth's MTC_Philly Classic program. No idea how you sqeeze many projects in a short time. As Christty uncle said,"7 months - 25 days." Is it MIRACLE? May be you can induct all our youths into your team & we all will serve the Lord with all our heart like St.Thomas church. May the good LORD BLESS you all.

Jobi Tom Kuwait May the resurrection of our Lord dispell all darkness & renew our sprit & faith,in our heart & in our Church. Wish you all succes to the church members & the designers of this valuable site. May God Bless You all, Jobi Tom.Kuwait.

Beatrice Djebablia USA May our God continue too bless you my freind.May your prayer's always be answered.I encourage you too press on.your labor is not in vain.We have an inhertiance waiting for us in heaven oneday,our Eternal God.We shall rest in him...ameen.Your friend.:)(heart)

Phila MTC I also agree with Sabu Thomas. Nice web development. My church needs training from the hi-tech experts. Our website always states coming soon for last 5 plus years. Sincerely, a genuinely concern youth member of Philadelphia MTC.

Sabu Thomas USA An excellent job by the designers of this website. I commend the work of all the other people involved behind the scenes to maintain this fabulous, informative site. I feel that there is room for improvement in the navigation part of the site. Lot of pages are opening up in new windows - I don't know if that is necessary - Navigation within the Gallery could be simplified further for ease. Overall, an excellent job by the developers. Keep up the good work.

moncy baby india wishing all he succes to St.Thomas marthoma Church.

Unknown Unni Phila MTC - PA Congrats and Best wishes on good things you do - Unlisted Unni

Brian D. Spray Quakertown, PA; USA Very well thought out and informative website. i now have a comfortable understanding of your organization.

Dr. Binu Excellent!!

Jacob Varghese New York (Epiphany MTC) "Praise the Lord" Superb well-written, designed dynamic webpage formed within a short period of time. Accounting S/W is amazing and never heard of any church using this service. Neat way of communications when I read the "Technology Services" my man its simply ultimate - w/ teleconferencing meeting & Voice broadcast. Your church is very high techy orientation. If we try technology, our achayans would shoot it down. Hope you can set an example and teach other Marthomites to implement technology style as St Thomas- DV church. Amazing , goodluck, and God bless your site.

TCK Texas, USA You guys are forerunners, no question about that. I am impressed with your Online Account Management, communication tools and other databases. Greetings from Farmers Branch Mar Thoma Church, Texas

Saji Cherian Bangalore, India Live organizations , active groups, excellent website. Wishing all the best for this young Mar Thoma church.

Dr. Philip Cherian Queens, Australia I am using your Lectionary on a regular basis now. Thank you. Site is well structured. Honestly I cannot believe that your church is not even a year old, awesome growth.

jose thomas dallas usa :[barf]:[glasses]{clover}:{blink}:);):ninja

saji.k.mathew singapore :cool

T.K.Tomas kottara kara , kerala.India congratulation

james new delhi Exelent job

sunny pidavoor ,kerala .india good job:[glasses]:ninja{clover}:{blink}

Babu Cherian Canada Google'd and came across with this site. It's well designed. God bless you!

Thomas Mathew USA This is an excellent website, very informative

Eric Massenburg USA tHANK yOU:)

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