Serving one another is the basic theme of the Hospitality team at St.Thomas Mar Thoma Church of Delaware Valley. We try to provide a welcome atmosphere to all those who come to STMTC and opportunities for our parish members to serve each other.

Serving One Another… Each and Every Day Serving One Another… This is the Godly Way

Worship has a horizontal dimension, not only a vertical one. Our object of worship is exclusively vertical: our sovereign Father who dwells in heaven. But our concerns are both vertical and horizontal. For we do not worship our Father rightly unless we share his love for human beings made in his image. Our stewardship includes:

  • Service - stewards of the Lord
  • Fellowship - the pleasure of caring
  • Refreshment - providing for a fellow human being
  • Witness - His service and the love that He shared with us

Our overall mission is to serve the needs of others to the best of our ability and with excellence. We are committed to each other, as we realize that we must seek to meet the needs of those next to us. We believe that a great way to be strengthened in our own walk with God is to serve others, and that's what we are passionate about.

Being involved in this ministry brings accountability, fellowship, friendship, discipleship as well as an incredible sense of serving God through many different areas and relationships. We are truly a unique and diverse ministry team, in accordance to what God has called and allowed us to achieve for him.