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Prayer Request for Healing & marriage by Stanley jeba singh

Please pray for my mother, Kasthuri bai. She had undergone 6 chemotherapy & surgery for ovarian cancer (ovary removed) Cancer cell content also reduced from 385 to 8 cells. Now again this cancer cell content is in increasing trend as on jan 16th 2014 it was 235 cells She is now back in the hospital for scan etc... Also please pray for my marriage life from the last year my parents searching for my life partner still it's not fixed....

Prayer Request for sheela by Bibin

please pray for her family life. her husband is a alcoholist

Prayer Request for wife by melton

my wife has fought disability for four years. she is going to court on 7-7-14. she needs God favor when she goes to court.

Prayer Request for pray for me to get married a good life partner by alphonse

please pray for forgiveness of our family sins.please pray for our family good health and protection .please pray for me to get married a good life partner soon.

Prayer Request for Myself by Vimala

Pray for my Health.Tomorrow is my birthday.Pray for my Marriage.Pray for my Family & my Job.

Prayer Request for FAMILY. by JANIS MOUTON.


Prayer Request for paresh and karen relation restoration by karen

god you know and can see everything please help paresh and me get through this difficult I am no longer able to understand what is happening. He seems so distant. Lord, you brought him back to me after he just up and left. I prayed to you.Please let him realise how his flirting is affecting me and teach me to trust him again I pray that you grant paresh and I the strength and understanding to make our relationship stronger. Help us to communicate and thrust each other.Remove all temptation that may come our way and help us to fine comfort and happiness in each-other's heart.Lord you know how much I love paresh and today I kneel before you, asking to help us become the unit we were once before. I pray that you touch paresh's heart that he will know how special I am to him.Lord forgive me for the wrong I have done and help me in becoming a better person. I deeply believe that You have given me this person to love and to hold for the rest of my days.Come and be with us, Lord, for only You can make two broken hearts understand each other. You are the King of Peace and I know You are able to change any sad situation in my life.Father, I know it is Your will that we should lead a loving and peaceful life with one another. Please touch his heart and fill it with love for me. Help to see that we can get through the challenges we face and that we have to much to just throw away after being together for 5 years . We have planned our whole lives together. Marriage, a house and a family.I ask you Lord for me to always be in paresh heart and mind and I pray that we spent the rest of our lives together.. Help me to change my ways and that we both work this out and that he doesn't leave and starts talking again hes not been speaking to me knit our hearts together and help us to follow through with our wedding plans In your name I pray. Amen

Prayer Request for prayer by pirfa kumbin

pray for the massive outpouring of Gods power upon my life,destiny and future.

Prayer Request for Kindly do the earliest at your end to safe gaurd me,my family,my relatives,all my friends and all pe by Ramamoorthy A

My Dear Brother/Sister Referring to this address I am Ramamoorthy, now I am working in kalpakkam. A particular person is troubling my family and my friends. Through Paster we are praying daily, through the prayer we have found that the person was Illegal one. He may be the head of the ghost all over Tamilnadu, and North Kerala. As he is greedy, he needs lot of money for luxory life, moreover eagarly interesting with assets, so he is sending the ghost to all the people and making trouble among their life since 1985. He had troubled more than a crore of people. Its Causes are drug adiction, alchoholic, prostitue, lassiness, raoming with out any aim, illegal contacats, confessions within the family, theft occurred with in the family and rape with their own daughters without consious and involving in murder and robbery. He is making the following dieases that could not be cured by any Doctors: Mental disorder, chronic diseases i.e. Cancer, T.B, Prolonged Fever, Kindny failure, Liver disorders, killing by accident, forced to sucide. The entire above mentioned are done by his Ghost. Eventhough there is no evidence those no one can prove legally. No one knows what he has been doing, even his own family members and colleagues. He had done these types of illegal activities cleverly since 1985. The whole activities have been noticed by me. He felt that it might be burst out to the public/media by me, hence he is arrasing me many ways. He is making trouble for thos who are involging to help me even church fathers and fellowhsips also. My humble request is prayer should be initiated 24Hrs untill he should be stopped this ghostel activities and caught by Police. It has not enough; beyound that he will becomes a huge witness to the Truth of our Jesus. If he will be given open statement, many innocents/murderer/robborist/rapiest may be realeased. The instant may declare a New History in our India and Amendment may be passed by our Government. HIS ADDRESS: Vatrilali jothidar Subramani Adigalar, Sakthi peedam, Chellappa Koundan Pudur, Pudu Road bus stop, Siruvani Main Road , COIMBATORE His name is subramani and his sons name is 1) Ramesh 2) AruChamy. He is having more or less 10 Labours. Ref: Last year on 29.05.2013, he had coverd with KOPIAM programme by RAJ TV, unexpectedly he had escaped with his mischeavious activities. Now also available that programme in U Tube. If you want to know elabratly about him, kindly see the DONGLY characater in the film of 7th Sence (Ealam Arivu) Tamil Film. He is having more than dongly power which he had.

Prayer Request for Bibin Shaj by Bibin

I live in India. I am a pre seminarian. there is lot of troubles me joining the seminary. please pray that I get admission to any seminary and become a good person in Christ. I am sinner. still I live in sin. I want to be free from sin but I cant. I tried but I fail everytime. please pray that I receive Holy Spirit and anointed by him. please pray that I receive gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. I am very weak in speech please pray that I receive the gifts of toungs and wisdom knowledge, fear of God, faith, prophecy. I am very depressed.

Prayer Request for KAVITHA by KAVITHA

I have an interview on April 11th Friday at 0230 pm for the post of senior clinical analyst with an HCA hospital. I have attended many interviews for the similar posts, with no success. This might be my last resort. Please pray for me to get this job. Thank you. Kavitha

Prayer Request for healing by shajan

My name is shajan and my wife's name is jolly. we have 3 daughters , Sandra, sneha and saniya. please pray for us for a spiritual growth and for me a complete relief from my bad habit also pray for the good health of my family members . Thanks For your prayer support, may god bless you. please pray for those who suffering with different diseases : shajan from kuwait email Please pray for my daughter Sandra – doctor suggest an operation related adinoid Our flat is going to demolish . so I am looking for a new Flat- please pray Please pray for solve the present problems related my JOB Thank God for All the Gift you gave us before. Thanks for those who pray for us Keep touch with us

Prayer Request for natashia katrovitz by alyssa curole

My big sister natashia received a new heart last December. Everything was going fine until just recently. She was omitted into the hospital Monday. Her heart is rejecting and the doctors say she's going to have to stay for a while. She has an 8 yr. Old son. Please pray for them.

Prayer Request for Mother by Prem Varghese

Its a time when my family and me is completely dependent in God. My mother who means everything to me has been suffering from Cancer since 2 years and still not recovered . She is the angel in my life and I am begging God to save her from this disease . I cant afford to lose her . Everyday i shed my tears for her recovery . Please God , please save her and give her back fully recovered . Please pray for my mother . I request God to show mercy the thousands of families whose happiness has been shed due to this disease .

Prayer Request for midhun by midhun

please pray for me, to clear all my btech back papers and to get a good job.

Prayer Request for forgiveness and employment by gerald g

I am 45 years of age.For some reasons I had to resign my job. Now I am without job for three months and going through deep financial crisis. kindly pray for me to come of financial problems and get a new job and for the fear that kills me every day , and also forgiveness for my sins.

Prayer Request for kavitha george by kavitha george

Please pray for me to get the Clinical Documentation specialist position in Parkland hospital at the earliest. Kavitha

Prayer Request for my married life by sijo jose

ente peru sijo jose..njanum feba enna oru penkuttiumai snehathil aayirunnu..2012 nov 18 nu njangal register marriage cheyithu..pakshe onnichu jeevichilla...avale avalude veettukar eduthu valarthiyathu aanu...veettukar kettichu tharunnathu vare onnichu jeevikkenda ennu theerumanichu..avalkku vendi oru rupa polum veettukar pinne chilavakkiyilla..avalude a-z karyalangalum nadathunnathu njananu...ellam manassilakki pravarthikkunna oeu pen kuttyanu aval...theere paavam aanu..veettular avale eppozhum updravikkum .kidathunnathu adukkalYil aanu..aval oru. blood cancer patient koodi aanu..ippol avale vere kettikkan veettukar theerumanichu kalyanam urappichu...ethirthal avar suicide cheyum ennu paranju bheeshami aanu...avalkku enne vittu pokan vayyA..enikku athu orkan koodi vayya...njangalkku vendi daivam mathrame ullu...plz pray.. enikku ente pennine venam....njan innu full time prarthikkan pokukayanu...ningalum njangalkku vendi prarthikkanam..jeevikkunna daivam undennu avar ariyatte

Prayer Request for cancer heeling by basil

i am 29 year old boy suffering from special type of cancer in nose.treatment is over.but now i fear about the disease and every night i see bad dreams .i lost my job. i am married and my wife is pregnant 7 month. so now iam fully helpless and distress. so plese pray for me


Dear Brothers/Sisters, Kindly Pray for the following needs: 1. My Daughter’s Birth Day is on 28.06.2013, she is now 2 Years Old. Her Name is Aisswarya Udaykumar. Kindly Pray for my daughter and bless her abundantly for her good health, prosperity, for excellent education and to have Godly faith. On 28.06.2013 we have planned to be at Mother Mary’s place of Velakanni, Tamilnadu, India. Please pray for our security and peaceful journey. 2. Kindly also pray for our financial needs. 3. Kindly pray for my (Raman UdayaKumar)Good Health, my mother’s (Smt. R. Kodhanayagi) Good Health and my wife’s (Mrs. N. Malathi) Good Health and prosperity. 4. Kindly pray that our Lord should forgive all our sins. 5. Kindly pray for Divine Protection. 6. Kindly pray for Good Relations. 7. Kindly pray for our speeding up of property documentation with concerned officials 8. Kindly pray for my departed Father, elder brother, elder sister and my two son’s Harsha and Sai Aditya that their souls should remain in peace. Thank you for your esteemed prayers. Regards, Raman Udayakumar Ist Type, No. 12, BEML NAGAR POST, KOLAR GOLD FIELDS – 563 115, Karnataka state, India.

Prayer Request for Blessing by Sam Mathew

Please pray for me.I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit

Prayer Request for Phil by Phil

Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD.I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 18 years,I'm 41 years old now.Please Pray GOD Blesses me financially so i am able to by food and pay bills...Please also Pray GOD will put it in the hearts of multitudes upon multitudes of people to pray for my prayer requests ... Thank You....

Prayer Request for Anda (myself) by Anda

please pray for me to get a travel option and a travel companion. Thank you

Prayer Request for pray for to get married a good life partner by alphonse

please pray for forgiviness of our family sins.please pray for my family good health and protection.please pray for me to get married a good life partner very soon what i expect.please pray for my brother to get good job.

Prayer Request for vivek shibu mathew by joji joseph

My nephew Vivek Shibu Mathew 21 yrs met with an accident in Bangalore and is in coma since last 10 days in Fortis Hospital due to head trauma. I need your prayers for his early recovery and normal health. Thanks for your prayers.

Prayer Request for elder dauhter by suja


Prayer Request for mike by mike

Please pray that Jesus and His heavenly Father give me all the help I need to restart, renew, rebuild and restore my relationship with Catherine. Please pray that they help me to recognize the help that they are giving me, to take it, and to make the most of it.

Prayer Request for Success by Tony Thomas

My name is tony thomas I am from Kottayam, I am doing my degree in dental science in Canada.i request you to pray for me for getting good marks in the examinations,for getting a job for me and my sister,and also for repaying all our debts and completion of our home Praise The Lord Thank you


Please pray for my family, my elderdaughter is suffering with serious problem (hepatitis b infection, and thyroid dysfunction) please pray for my daughter, 2008 onwards she is taking medicine but not even reducing the virus in her body.She is lost her immune power not only that her age is crossing like every parents we also want to make my daughter marriage to a good gentle man.but because of this disease she cant do the marriage. we are becoming older. please pray my daughter that she get soon complete recovery.

Prayer Request for SONIA by SONIA

Please pray for my family, my elderdaughter is suffering with serious problem (hepatitis b infection, and thyroid dysfunction) please pray for my daughter, 2008 onwards she is taking medicine but not even reducing the virus in her body.She is lost her immune power not only that her age is crossing like every parents we also want to make my daughter marriage to a good gentle man.but because of this disease she cant do the marriage. we are becoming older. please pray my daughter that she get soon complete recovery.

Prayer Request for SONU by SONIA


Prayer Request for suraj abraham by suraj abraham

Requesting Urgent prayers For a Good and Stable job abroad to support my family. I am in a desperate situation for a job to support my family as I am the only bread winner. I am without job since long time and very upset / frustrated mentally, physically. I attended 2 interviews last month and heard 6 individuals have been selected by 1st company and send for screening for visa clearance. Individual names will be only declared at a later date by recruiter. I humbly request you to kindly pray for me to be one among those 6 individuals chosen for the job. Otherwise to get a Job in the second company or any suitable Co. Please help me. Thanking you, Suraj Abraham.

Prayer Request for Jilian by Jilian

Heavenly father please do something to deliver me & my child from my cruel husband who gives us mental torture which is now unbearable. Open his blind eyes to see his sin of adultery, convict him to confess his sin. You know he takes all my earnings. His mother & sister support him to hurt me & my child. Father have mercy on us. Father you know I am all alone and have no support. I have hide my identity. Father please show me your WILL to take right decision, I am waiting for your answer since 2 ½ years IJN Amen

Prayer Request for my by merin

Please prayer for my marriage and getting a job in engineering college


This is jerin jacob (26) from kerala (Pathanamthitta ) i am suffering diabetic for the last 12 years so taking insulin injunction at 2 times per day , now the dosage of injunction will be increased so i am totally worried my family also , for this reason my 5 marriage proposal cancelled . so i need your earnest prayer for me get healing . i beloved jesus Christ is my healer and savior,

Prayer Request for binoy by sindhu binoy

please pray for getting the H1 VISA for my husband.there may be a case for H1 VISA.

Prayer Request for Letty Eapen Mathai by Letty Eapen Mathai

My name is Letty. I am suffering from schizerphrenia for the past 22 years. As a result of this sickness I have loss of memory, loss of hair, loss of mind concentration and lack of sleep. Without the tablets I cannot sleep. Please pray for the healing of my brains. With prayers, In Christ, Letty Kerala, India

Prayer Request for Bryan Martin by Judy

Please pray for God to give my husband Bryan the strength in his mind and body and motivation to do all the house repairs he needs to do to the house we are going to be living in and to bring us to live us together as soon as possible. We are living 100 miles apart now and newlyweds. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Prayer Request for Thomas Upadeshi by Rev. Shaji Achan

Thomas Upadeshi, father of our previous vicar Rev.Shaji Achen is in the Hospital at Kerala.Shaji Achen requested our members to pray for his father. So kindly pray for the speed recovery of Upadeshi.


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