Our logo "Today's youth for tomorrow's world" is our goal and our youths are supporting, synchronizing and partnering with other organizations of our church. Youth in our church need a sense of belonging and a common identity as Marthomites. The STMTC youth ministry initiative seeks to provide young people (ages 13 and above) with an identity as believers in Jesus Christ, a sense of belonging in the church, and skills as leaders. The youth league offers resources and events for youth and youth leaders. Our youth are very talented and they actively participate in youth conferences, help out in the Sunday school, participate and direct the Jr. / Sr. conference, which enhance all of their skills as they seek to serve Jesus Christ!

Youth Conference Website

Our STMTC youths have a mission which includes the followings:

  • Outreach activities that focus on establishing relationships that wins people to Jesus Christ. We are in the initial stages of our church and we are hoping to team up with TLC church for outreach activities. We also have youth meetings every Sunday and monthly cottage prayer meetings.
  • Discipleship serves to build biblical life and truth in youth ministry. Our youth also participate in Bible Quiz / studies, help in Sunday school competition, take an active role in the Choir / Sunday service, and other related activities. These ministries don't just develop a student's talent, but also his or her mind and spirit. Remember, strengthening our youth's faith is key to our churches success. Discipleship can be found woven throughout all our ministries
  • Missions move us to discover the God who sends and provides in life. Whether it is through giving to Mexico mission or projects in India, our youth serve to advance the Great Commission in every generation.
  • In our team we have different levels of youth including teens, young adults and young couples. So, we welcome all youngsters to join us.